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Several years ago, the company where I worked went through a major upheaval. For months, teams with similar job descriptions raced one another to see who was more efficient. In the end, one location was closed and another became a ghost town as 1/3 of the employees were given severance packages. Every meeting was populated by the Terracotta Army. People who ordinarily joked and made each other birthday cakes sat stone-jawed while management talked without saying much. After each presentation, we were given space for questions and vacuous responses.

At first, I was tense and irritable over the situation. But long before it was over, I was walking into those meetings with total peace.

I know Who makes my future secure. It’s not my employer.

What do you fear most? Would you like to be fearless?

Once the fear was crumpled in the trash like a bad manuscript, I began to observe the process. What if I was laid off? I had very little time in the company and no contacts in that town. Lord, what would You like me to do? God showed me a first step. He brought people into my life. Articles popped up when I went online, and they gave me ideas. I upped my performance on the job and began to pray for my next career. I wasn’t ready for it, but I knew God was answering my question and He would only move me when the time was right.

How do you know when God is speaking? What does God sound like? How do you stop worrying long enough to hear anything?

Why, when you try to “just trust,” do you make bad decisions?

Walk in wisdom; dream in faith.


That sounds so good. Almost like a mantra that could lift you above everything if you meditate on it for 20 minutes every morning. It could certainly give you hopeful feelings, just like the roar of a Harley® gives you goosebumps. You can get to the point where you truly walk in wisdom. You can wake free of regrets and fearlessly face lay-off committees and other trials. But it takes more than a mantra. I can help.

31 days from now, you could love being you. You could have faith that makes fear run away.

For $19.90, you could order Wisdom – Better than Wishing, and its companion journal. You’d have a great time–no terracotta tension, just you and your Maker enjoying some surprising conversations.  You’d end the month telling everyone about your experience, although they’d be asking about the changes in you long before the month was over.

You should do that, right? But what if…

What if you had friends reading right along with you? Friends who were asking themselves questions, learning to hear God talk to them? You could be forming connections that will charge your battery and take you further.


I can’t wait to tell you this part! But I’ll try, just to stretch my patience skills.


Drumming fingers…


Okay, I am just not that patient! I’ll be there with you. During the 31 days, while you read a chapter each day and journal your thoughts, I’ll share videos to help you:

  • Recognize and trust God’s guidance
  • Handle people who try your patience
  • Enjoy the love everyone wants
  • Share your wisdom wisely
  • Wake up regret-free

The group begins 8/1/2017, so click here to order your books. Once you’ve ordered, click here to send me a message with your confirmation number, and I’ll add you to the group. If you already have books, click here to message me a picture of you holding your books, so I can add you to the group as a special thank-you.

Wisdom is Better than Wishing – and it’s more fun when it’s SHARED!!

Michael Bridges
Michael Bridges

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