Kristi Bridges is a bouncy blend of family history, this moment now and dreams for the future. She’s been through childhood trauma, divorce and too many funerals, but God takes everything and turns it into fuel for His 5’1” ball of light. She works to add clarity, warmth and an occasional fanny fire to the lives around her, always with the aim of helping people better understand themselves, others and the One who made them. A corporate trainer and writing instructor, Kristi has written songs and released an album with Goliath Down, co-hosted the ladies’ conference A Rose in Bloom and written 5 books.

  • Read Kristi's blog to improve your communication skills and strengthen your relationships with God and others. Check out the Mission of the Month series, where Kristi describes ministries which work effectively to raise people out of poverty.
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  • Do you know some wise people? Host a devotional writing workshop or create an anthology with your group. Contact Kristi!
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