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It began as an interview invitation. Podcaster and author Ann Harrison-Barnes wanted to hear more about Option Ocean – Navigating the Sea of Possibility. It’s all I talk about lately, because the book is making such an impact on readers. It seems everyone wants help finding that sweet spot where they connect with their Creator and use their gifts in careers which keep them motivated.

Before our interview, I took a walk and listened to a few episodes of Ann’s podcast, Inspirational Journeys.

I walked three extra miles. Ann is fascinating. Like herself, many of her guests are blind, so their conversations about writing and entrepreneurship gave me a new perspective. In her interview with Laura Legendary, I discovered a new kind of jewelry. It’s not just pretty to the eye—it’s pretty to the fingertips, engraved with braille notes such as “I love you” and “Friends.” When their conversation shifted to the challenges of being a blind entrepreneur in this day of social media marketing and DIY websites…

I thought of you.

Many of you are web designers, app designers, social media marketers or instructional designers. Are you including accessibility for the blind in your designs? Maybe you are trying but don’t notice the navigational hang-ups which turn them away in frustration. There’s a terrific niche you could be serving. After my Option Ocean interview, I asked Ann to be a guest on my podcast. We talked so long, I divided the interview into three episodes. Even if you’re not a designer, you’ll enjoy listening to Ann share her writing process and the source of her inspiration.

In part 1 of our interview, Ann discusses the source of her imaginative plots and gives tips to aspiring authors. In part 2, she offers great ideas for anyone who wants to design accessible apps and programs for writers and entrepreneurs who see with their hands. In part 3, she shares the source of her strength and peace.

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