Submit YOUR divorce survival story for The 3am Book by 8/31/2021

Dirty secret – I started smoking after my first husband left. Depriving my brain of oxygen seemed the only way to shut it up so I could sleep. My new project, the  3 am Book – When Divorce Keeps You Up All Night, is better than smoking. Someone today is sleepless in the wake of  divorce. I’m looking for people to share stories, tips and scripture to help me distract them from the urge to smoke or text the ex.

Your submission:

Doesn’t need to be perfect.

Should bring hope.

Must be your own true story, between 150-1500 words.

Must be submitted (just the basics, we’ll work on it together) by 8/31/2021.

What you’ll get:

  • You’ll learn the four crucial steps to crafting a good devotion.
  • You’ll receive a professionally edited copy of your chapter and keep your right to republish your story.
  • You’ll receive a free media kit with items you can post on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so people will know you are an author!
  • Your bio and professional contact information, such as social media tags and website, will be included in the book.
  • You may be interviewed by Kristi Bridges on 1 Moment Wiser, and 10 authors will be selected to speak at the Life After Divorce Summit.
  • You’ll receive a free copy of the book, and a one-time opportunity to pay half-price for copies you can resell at full price.

What it costs:

It costs nothing to submit your story. If you are selected for the book, the cost for instruction, editing, book design and publishing will be $400.

What to do:

I’ve partnered with my amazing friend Kim White on this project, so you have a choice in how you submit your story.

OPTION 1 (Easy) – go to my Contact page and submit your story

OPTION 2 (Get a Freebie!) – get a free copy of the My Sexy Business inspirational magazine and an opportunity to be selected for a future issue by visiting My Sexy Business.

  1. Enter your email in the Story Kit section of the page,
  2. Complete the Story Kit once it arrives in your email box (you don’t have to answer questions that aren’t applicable), and
  3. Submit your Story Kit using the email address on Kim’s About page.
  4. Don’t forget to sign up for Kim’s free magazine at My Sexy Business! It’s really good.

Hurry! You don’t have to be a great writer, but you do have to submit your story by 7/31/2021. If you’re selected, we’ll notify you and send you a contract to review by 8/15/2021. Together, we’ll create our devotional chapters and send them to a professional editor.


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