Purposeful Parenting – Parents to Partners Interview

1 Moment Wiser exists to help you live wisely in every area of life. You can read my blog posts, books and magazine articles, watch daily devotional videos and now you can meet the wise people I know! Once or twice a month, I also do a live Facebook interview with someone who has proven wisdom in the areas of psychological, spiritual and physical health, or someone who has good financial or entrepreneurial wisdom, or someone who can help you communicate better and have better relationships.

Today, I interviewed Keysha Truss Chester, M. Ed. Keysha is a master educator, diagnostician and special needs evaluator. As the founder of Parents to Partners, she helps parents avoid the crazy cycle of disrespect and emotional responses. How? By clearly expressing their purpose as parents and the reasons for their choices, and by helping children discover their own purpose and make choices in line with who they want to be.

Keysha shared SO MUCH MORE in our 30-minute interview, including the best gift idea ever! Click here to watch the interview.


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