Phrases to Fry Your Marriage

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Things You Should Never to Your Spouse! (How Not to Fry Your Marriage)

The June edition of Faith Filled Family Magazine is full of terrific advice, if you’re engaged, married or want to be married someday. Right in the middle, on page 39, is my article which will make you laugh–and think before you speak.

In Things You Should Never Say to Your Spouse! you’ll learn:

How to Lose a Mate and Gain a Child
How to Bring the Ice to Family Dinner
How to Douse that Honeymoon Fire
How to Turn a Fight into Forever

If you’re already an expert at these things, you might be interested in learning how to:
Try a Sugar Lump
Rawr for Love!
Eat Your Words

Whether or not you’re married, God wants our friendships and family relationships to be healthy and reflect His unconditional, wise love. Click here for inspirational, fun articles.

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