Debra Trappen is the leader of the Fire Up! movement and strategist for WomenUP! She’s a spectacular keynote speaker, author, and strategist, and she wrote an empowering chapter for Option Ocean – Navigating the Sea of Possibility.  This month, Debra invited me for a Moxie Chat on her podcast, Fire up Your Moxie with Debra.

She was kind enough to share the audio so you could hear it on mine. You can watch the live interview on Facebook. If you’re like me and prefer podcasts short enough for a walk around the block, I’ve segmented out the interview in the 1 Moment Wiser podcast. Listen on your favorite podcasting source or click below to listen on Anchor.

Part 1: Success, feedback, and keeping our stories, even when we don’t like the endings.

Part 2: The three words which describe me (absent-minded professor?) and how happy I became when I learned other people don’t have to be exactly like me.

Part 3: Moxie, a girl named Kathy, and why I avoid cafeterias.