Meet Medicare Jet-Setter Shelley Malicote-Stutchman

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When Shelley Malicote-Stutchman’s life turned sour, she looked for other ladies who were going through difficult times. Starting with a minister and a counselor, she launched Lemonade Ladies, a group of women who conquered trauma and depression together. Eventually, the Lemonade Ladies published a powerful book of poetry entitled Peeling Back the Layers – The Sound of Emotion.

When Shelley reached “a certain age,” she refused the recliner and started the Medicare Jet-Setters, a group so fun I want to age faster and join them. Shelley and other Medicare Jet-Setters seek out and review great places which are accessible, acoustically pleasing and offer great service.

Shelley first captured my attention at a Book to Business event, when she shared the PR genius secret to getting your foot in the door with a single shoe in a shoebox. On Sunday, February 16, 2020, I had the honor of interviewing this firecracker about the arm-linking effects of key lime pie.

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Podcast – click here or search for 1 Moment Wiser on your favorite podcasting source

If you’re in Oklahoma, you can meet Shelley at the Author Showcase on March 14 from 1-3pm. Sarah Soon and I will be cohosting the event in which 6 authors will be sharing poetry, memoir, fantasy fiction, devotions, romance and great advice. The event is free, but you’ll probably want to order some of Tokyo Garden’s delicious sushi, so bring your wallet! Click here to register.

What’s your story? If you can’t think of a story to share, you’ll love Unguarded, Shelley’s journal of 366 questions. Use this journal to leave a legacy for your loved ones or to learn more about yourself.

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