Make Your Plans in Pencil – Interview with The Kitchen Coach Camille Finan

Live interview with The Kitchen Coach, Camille Finan


Order makes it easy to live wisely. Instead of continuously reacting to chaos, you can step confidently into a space, knowing what you’re going to do and what it will take.

Think about your kitchen, for example. If you have cluttered cabinets and a countertop the size of a saucer, you don’t want to cook. Instead, you spend money and calories ordering pizza or going out. If you take ownership of your space, you can create an environment that makes you want to chef it up.

That’s how Camille Finan became The Kitchen Coach. With twenty years of experience remodeling kitchens, she has a bag full of tricks to keep you from duplicating spices, give you more counter space and prevent you from crawling to the back of that corner cabinet just to find the pan you haven’t used in awhile.

Why is she on this blog? Because 1 Moment Wiser is about helping you live wisely and free of regret. That takes planning and inspiration. Whether you want a kitch lift or you need some inspiration to use your own talents as an entrepreneur, check out today’s interview with The Kitchen Coach.

I bet God has given you some skills and ideas of your own. If you have a passion you’d like to turn into a business, you might enjoy the My Sexy Business Club. I’ve learned so much from business coach Kim White, and I’m constantly meeting fascinating people like Camille. Let me know if you’d like help making your business thrive.

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