Kristi’s Birthday Party

My birthday is December 29, right between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, when everyone is mostly partied out. I consider it a blessing that my family never did that “This is your birthday -slash- Christmas gift” nonsense other December babies endure. My dearest friends  still make it a point to celebrate, sometime between December 1 and 31, and I always feel super-special. I don’t usually expect others to come out with us, though. This year is different. This year, I wrote and published the first book in my series, complete with a companion workbook. This year, I began a daily video that has really been enjoyable and well-received. This birthday is one to celebrate, so Thursday night, 12/29/2016, from 7:30-9:30, if you’re in Tulsa, come to the Phoenix on the corner of 6th and Peoria. Have a cupcake and play a round of StoryCubes, Bananagrams or poetry tag, listen to some music and chat. I’ll read a little bit from Wisdom – Better than Wishing, and I’ll have books to sign if you and your friends want to start the new year with 31 days of skill-building, spirit-lifting daily readings. You don’t have to bring a present, just bring a friend. I’m sure there will be plenty of chocolate-cherry or pineapple cream cheese cupcakes for everyone. Don’t like cupcakes? That’s okay, the Phoenix has great coffee, tea, cider and beer, as well as yummy sandwiches and other food.


Michael Bridges
Michael Bridges

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  1. Hope it was great Kristi!! Wish I could’ve joined you but know that I was praying for you all evening long. Birthday blessings to you my precious daughter!

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