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“You don’t have to do that any more.” That’s what the policeman told my friend, Kim White, when her son called 911 fearing his dad would kill his mom. She did “that” a little longer, putting up with an angry, violent husband. But something had changed. The officer had given her hope. She invested that hope into a plan and worked that plan until she drove to safety with her son at her side.

Today, she no longer hides bruises and tears. Instead, she sparkles on camera, traveling the world to find others with stories of hope to share. Their stories vary widely:

  • A radio personality who nearly lost her voice to cancer
  • A top recruiter who hid from gang shootings as a child
  • An entrepreneur who lost her passion
  • Dozens of people who have wrestled life and won

This week, Kim has invited me to cohost the free Facebook Live conference, Hope to Hope. From Wednesday through Saturday, our guests will have you laughing, crying and digging up buried dreams. You can join us live or watch the replays – either way, it’s the best thing you’ll see all month!

Dates: Wednesday, 3/28/2018 – Saturday, 3/31/2018

Times: 9am CST – 7pm CST

Price: Free

Place: Click here



Who else will be sharing hope? Why am I sharing only the first day’s speakers? To tempt you, silly! You’ll have to join us to find out!

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Michael Bridges

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