Failure isn’t (always) deadly. You can do this!

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Cut? Broken? That won’t stop you!

The year I was 17, I was in 7 wrecks. They were all my fault. I’m 48 now, and thanks to God and lots of practice, I haven’t had a wreck in 24 years. After my last wreck at 24, I sobbed in my driveway, “I don’t want to drive any more! I just can’t!” I was working and going to school. I was stressed and always late. That year, I’d had 3 fender-benders.

If word of me had gotten out, I might have been banned from driving.

To pay rent, I had to get to work, and my town had a terrible bus system. I couldn’t afford to quit driving, and I couldn’t afford to stay bad at it. I had to build some skills.

Skill building can be tough. I’ve failed a few things with deadly consequences. I killed rosemary plants five years in a row, before I finally got one to stick around. Then the lawn guy killed it by mistake. Six dead rosemaries. Today, the rosemary beside my driveway is flourishing.

Quick! Think of three things you’ve done easily this year. Maybe you’ve done them all today. Did you have to practice at least one of those things until you got it right?

COVID19 has left millions of people unemployed, and it’s fast-tracked everyone into the virtual realm. For the past month, I’ve been helping coworkers and friends learn tools for virtual training, online meetings and remote project management. A hundred people from my church are now holding small group meetings through Zoom. This is making a lot of people feel like 24-year-old me–“I just can’t!”

Philippians 4:13 (paraphrase) says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

1 Corinthians 2:16b NIV says, “We have the mind of Christ.”

You have at least three skills, remember? They might seem ordinary to you, but they could help someone who’s unemployed or underemployed. You also have skills to develop. Maybe you’ve failed at technology, cooking or home repair and thought, “I just can’t.” What will you do to overcome that trauma and try again? Today, I watched a master gardener share tips with the help of a partner. Her partner worked the camera and shared our questions, while the gardener taught us how to make self-watering container gardens and keep Bermuda grass at bay. Because these two ladies were willing to learn from and lean on one another, at least 20 gardens will be richer this summer.

Who will be your partner? What skills will you share and develop? If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few great resources.

Option Ocean – Navigating the Sea of Possibility – This 31-day devotional will help you recognize your gifts, deal with discouragement and navigate your new path with God’s guidance.

Overcoming Job Transition – Helps people develop resumes, Linked In profiles, interview skills and network.

Learning Resources – A great list of websites offering free learning, from languages to coding to nearly anything under the sun.

Learn to use Zoom or Skype for small group meetings.

If you are in ministry, check out this article for things you should know about live-streaming.

If you’d like to share your own expertise, you might like the tool I use, BeLive.TV, for online interviews and talk shows. I’m an affiliate and long-term user, so if you click this link, you’ll get a free month to try it out.

Facebook – If you’ve sworn never to waste time on social media, you’re missing the benefit of Facebook groups. If you’re interested in learning or sharing anything at all, there’s a group for it. In these groups, you can find quick answers, share your own expertise, and learn about (or offer) training events. Why not make some new friends who share your interests? You don’t even have to clean house for them!

Yes, I can. Say it with me: Yes, I can. Christ brings strength. The clear, strong, peaceful mind of Christ is available, but only if you spend time with God. To get through this time of change, worship, learn and participate in the body of Christ this year. If you don’t have a church home, check out one of these.

Believers Church – Authentic, calm and focused on whole-person healing, Believers has Sunday worship online at 10CST and small Zoom communities throughout the week.

Transformation Church – Vibrant, often funny, growth-activating, Transformation Church has Sunday worship at 11CST and small groups as well.

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2 Responses

  1. Not certain I can think of three… ( but I’ll try…)
    1. Was to keep my online group growing and thriving well.
    2. Was to deliver good creative content to them.
    3. Maybe it was keep up with cooking during the CoVid19 crisis.
    As much as I hate cooking; it’s still not been as hard as I imagined.☺️

    1. You are so good at keeping people together and helping us grow as individuals. I appreciate being included in Mentor My Sister. As far as cooking goes, I’m loving the impact on my budget but MANOMANOMAN it feels like I’ve cooked a thousand meals this month!

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