1 Moment Wiser

Kristi Bridges

It's smart

to replenish your spirit between work and home. Our short daily videos are just right!

We're unique

We each have one life and a unique set of tools. Where are you meant to go in this option ocean? How do you get there? Our books and courses will help.

You're not alone

Hear true stories and tips for expressing your gifts and enjoying your relationships. 1 Moment Wiser is on your favorite podcasting source.

Spirit Break

  • Would you like to wake with no regrets?
  • Are you ready to stop clenching your teeth and sleep with a smile?
  • Your life can be defined by peace, wisdom and energy.

1 Month Wiser

  • Are your flaws actually hidden gifts?
  • Would you like to be balanced and brave?
  • You can know when God is leading and enter each day with confidence.



Welcome to 1 Moment Wiser! I’m Kristi Bridges, and I’d love to help you live wisely and enjoy it.  Let’s get to know each other!


Let's be friends!

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