“You can be anything!” Growing up, that’s all we hear. Then comes the day we must make a decision. In the sea of possibility, some drift aimlessly. Others struggle to become what they weren’t meant to be, while they could be making a real impact on the world.

Some successfully navigate this ocean of options. What makes them different?

  • They know their identities – children of God, dearly loved.
  • They know their Father well and imitate Christ in attitude and action.
  • They understand their frailties and allow the Holy Spirit to guide them.
  • They know their strengths and trust God to equip them for whatever He calls them to do.

In this 31-day devotional, you’ll read stories of fascinating people who live with influence and purpose. You’ll discover your true identity, unwrap your gifts and allow your Creator to steer you through uncharted waters. What a life you will lead!

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