Techniques for a Wiser Life

1 Moment Wiser Podcast

1 Moment Wiser Podcast guests Donna Branch (top), Coni Meyers (bottom left), Yong Pratt (bottom center)

1 Moment Wiser has a podcast! Are you interested in learning how other people are applying and sharing wisdom? Listen to 15 minute interviews with people who share tips on parenting, self-care, relationships, business and much more! Recently, I’ve enjoyed interviewing:

Yong Pratt of Our Young Creators – Yong teaches parents how to turn kids’ screen time into a bonding, future-building experience. She also teaches grown kids like myself how to multipurpose our business efforts.

Coni Meyers of Kickbutt Leadership – An experienced leader, Coni teaches how each of us can live with more focus and joy–and increase our brain capacity.

Donna Branch of Three to the Third – An HR director and the queen of connections, Donna connects employers with resources to retain employees during tough times. She’s also launched the first Where We Belong Family Stories group. The group provides guidance and professional help with writing, formatting and even interviewing family members.

1 Moment Wiser can be found on your favorite podcasting service, or  you can click here to access it now.


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